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Getting started with the service of RBG


One identifier means an account supported by a different organization of the TU Munich and with which you could gain the access to the IT-Infrastructure that they've supported. The identifiers are often named as Login or user-id on different websites.

It is important to remind that different identifiers have nothing to do with each other (and in most cases, they have or should have different passwords).

The FMI identifier

the FMI identifier also knew as a Mathematic/Informatic identifier, RBG Identifier, or ma/in.tum identifier.

This identifier consists of the first eight letters of your surname or eventually some more letters from your first name. Ms. Mareike Musterfrau hat, for example, the identifier 'musterfr' and her younger sister Xanthippe Musterfrau has for example 'musterfx' while the identifier has to be identifiable for each user. With this account, Ms. X Musterfrau can log in to the computer under Linux OS in the computer hall (Rechnerhalle), however this identifier and the password don't work for Windows OS, please see the texts below.

The FMI identifier will be given to you since the starts your study here from the Infopoint of Mathematic or Informatic. The employees receive the FMI-identifier from the chair administrators (Lehrstuhladmin) which are assigned by the RBG.

The MyTUM identifier

The MyTUM identifier is used, for example, to log in to the website: When you are logged in to the page and click on 'your E-mail address', you will see a cryptical address with two letters 2 numbers and three letters (e.g. under the E-Mail address with your name on it (e.g.

The cryptical part before the '@' character is your LRZ identifier and the password for this LRZ identifier is the same as the MyTUM identifier.

The Windows identifier

This identifier is used to log in to the Windows-computer on the faculty of informatics. If you do not want to use the Windows OS you could then for sure ignore the Windows identifier. If you want to use the Windows OS you have to set a password for it. Go to the website of and set a password there. The username is here your in.tum Identifier.

Eduroam WIFI and LAN connection in computer hall (Rechnerhalle)

To set up the Eduroam WIFI is slightly different depending on the operating system and device (however no matter what Operation System, you will need here the LRZ identifier that mentioned above). The LRZ gives a short manual about how to set up the LRZ WIFI:

Eduroam also provides the interface to connect in our Computer halls using a cable. The RBG-Helpdesk lends cables against your student ID as a deposit in room 00.07.036. Short instruction for the connection is listed here:


You need the in.tum Identifier to print in the faculty of mathematics and informatics. Students could buy the print contingent from the 'Fachschaft' (Room 00.06.036). You could check your contingent via terminal with the command 'lpquota' if you are sitting on a working slot of the computer halls or are logged into the computer hall via Secure Shell on

  • Log in to the website of
  • After put in the identifier and the password, please choose 'print documents online' on the left side.
  • As long as your print work is finished, your ma/ E-Mail address will receive a confirmation E-Mail.
  • If you want to print your documents only when you are standing in front of the printer, you could try to use the FollowMe-Option.

  • The both printers xerhalle1 and the xerhalle2 are available for you (Location: Kleine Rechnerhalle Room 00.07.035)
  • When you try to print from the document reader please chose in the print dialog (Druckdialog) 'xerhalle' as the printer. Your print job will be automatically divided into two printers.
  • Normally you will receive an E-Mail of confirmation of your job on your E-Mail Address.


Besides making a copy or print documents, we could also scan the documents. choose the 'Mail' of the print menu on the screen of the printer and give your ma/ E-Mail address. After putting down the document that you need to scan just click on the big green button to confirm.

Computer halls

You could find a lot of workingplaces which you could log in to the computer there with your identifier in the listed rooms below:

Name of Computer room Places Room-Nr.
Große Rechnerhalle 89 00.05.011
Kleine Rechnerhalle 26 00.07.023
Mathematik Raum 15 00.07.037
CIP Pool (Bode) 20 01.04.011
CIP Pool (Seidl) 16 02.07.038
Bibliothek 34 01.03.019
iCafe 8 00.08.057
Games Engineering 1 15 01.05.012
Games Engineering 2 10 01.10.020
Games Engineering 3 15 02.13.007
Nipkow 10 02.09.012

Notice on data protection in computer halls

When you are working with a computer in Linux OS of the computer hall, please pay attention to the data that you saved on the computer. Under the default setting other users(including fellow students) can view your file and this applies, for example, to lecture notes that you download using a browser.

We prepaired a shot instruction which describes how to protect all of your data so that nobody else can see it on the page:

Microsoft products through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for teaching

Further information on Microsoft products can be found at:

Microsoft Office 365 through Office365-portal

Instructions for obtaining Office 365 can be found at:


With a certificate,you could send and receive E-Mails with digital signiture and encryption or visit the website that can only be opened with a valid - certificate.

You received the password of your certificate from the info-point together with your ma/ identifier. If you didn't receive the password of your certificate or your certificate is not valid anymore, you could then log in to this page: with your ma/ identifier to apply for a new certificate and fetch the password of the certificate in Infopoint (as student) or in RBG (as employees). Your ID or the student-ID will be needed here.

The certificate itself is saved as a file under the home directory of your Linux OS workspace (accessible under the Linux OS in the computer hall or via SSH through the host You will receive a separate E-Mail which states where can you find the file, as long as your certificate is issued.

This file is encrypted and a password will be needed when you install this certificate in a E-Mail client or web browser. The password here is the password that you received from infopoint or RBG.

The certificate is always one year valid and will be expired every year on the 31st of May. Before the Expire of your certificate, you will receive an E-Mail on your E-Mail address with a link to the website where you could issue a new certificate. In order to visit this website you have to install the to be expired certificate in your browser.

Here you will find more information and instructions for installing the certificate for many operating systems:


We set up the VM as SSH-Server and it can be used via Secure Shall (ssh) with your identifier as login data everywhere outside the faculty. If you are having Windows OS at home you could use the beloved freeware-program WinSCP(upload and download data) and PuTTY(shell-login) to reach the lxhalle.

In addition, lxhalle provides the holders of an ID with a powerful server on which you can carry out calculations or run programs that have a particularly high demand for CPU performance and / or RAM.

If you have further questions or problems, please contact the RBG help desk or send an email to

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