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How to download Software in Microsoft Imagine

In this wiki we will describe how to to download Software from the Microsoft Imagine portal.

Hint: The old software package is not valid and now there are two new ones : Microsoft Imagine Premium and Microsoft Imagine Standard. Microsoft Imagine Premium is only for employees and students who belong to a MINT faculty. Microsoft Imagine Standard is for every TUM member.

You can find more information here: RBG Microsoft Imagine

In order to see software packages, the 2 - Microsoft Imagine (Informatik) package hast to be activated first. The necessary steps will be explained in section 2.1.

1. Logging into Studisoft

The following link will lead you to the website of studisoft:

Choose your University and click on "Login".

StudiSoft - WAYF - Mozilla Firefox 112.jpg

If you are a TUM studend/employee the MyTUM Login window will appear. Use your TUM credentials in order to log in.

TUM Shibboleth IdP - Login - Mozilla Firefox 120.jpg

2. Download Software in the Microsoft Imagine Portal

2.1. Microsoft Imagine activation

First click on "Microsoft Imagine Premium(Dreamspark)" and then on "KOSTENFREI BESTELLEN".


In the following window click on "Bestellen".


Another window appears. In order to continue you have to agree to the terms of licence and the data privacy statement. By clicking on "Weiter" you can continue.


In the following window you can see a table with all the available software packages. After clicking on Zeile 2 - Microsoft Imagine (Informatik) "Weiterleitung", you can see the software products, which are available for TUM employees and students.


2.2. How to access Microsoft Imagine

After activating Microsoft Imagine (Informatik) (Order for 0 Euro) you can see all the software packages under "Auftragsverfolgung".


Here you can click on row 2 - Microsoft Imagine Premium (Informatik) and afterwards you can click on "Download / Info externes Portal" (compare Screenshot below).


Now you will be forwarded to the Microsoft Imagine Portal.

2.3. Search and download Software

While at the Microsoft Imagine Portal, you can see a list of software products. The search for a specific product can be performed like this:


All the matching products should be shown here according to your search. Several software products allow you to download the software in german or english language. If you now click on "Add to Cart" the product will be added to your shopping cart, which is on the top right of your screen.


Afterwards click on "Check Out". If you want you can read the termes and conditions by clicking on "View all terms and conditions".


Here you can see your Product key and by clicking on "Download" you can download the chosen software product.


2.3. View purchased products and product keys

In order to download a software product or to find out a product key, first you have to click on "Your Account/Orders" on the top right of your screen.


Now you should see all of your purchased products. Go to the product of your choice and click on "View Details".


All the details for the chosen product are now shown.


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