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Function condition
Print You need an in.tum account to print from the black boxes or the web interface. You also need contingent
copy Works directly on the printer, this requires a student card with a charged credit.
Scann to e-mail Anyone can scan and work with any e-mail address.
Scan to USB Works directly on the printer.
Printing from USB Currently not working for students.

Printing in the Computer hall

to print in the Computer hall, or in other Computer rooms, you should log in first to the Blackbox.In the small Computer hall, there are two printers for students.To be able to print you should have print Quota , you can buy it from the Fachschaft.

Where can i buy Print Quota?

you can buy your Print Quota from the Fachschaft, for more Information you can visit the Fachschaft website Fachschaft website

you can check if your print Quota ist credited, by typing the following commad in Terminal


At the beginning of the semester, you will receive 3-5 pages " for free " ,you can use them to print important Document like for example, (matriculation certificate for the MVV, etc.). Just check the exact number of available pages by using lpquota.


This command runs on the lxhalle. On the black box with Linux operating system in the computer halls you can execute the command in the terminal. For this you enter the command lpquota in the terminal. If you want to remotely access the Ubuntu account and see if there is enough print contingent, you build an ssh connection to lxhalle and run the command lpquota.

The following commands are entered in the terminal:


On the black boxes with Windows operating system in the computer halls you can look up the print contingent by entering the following commands in the command prompt:
putty username@lxhalle
If you want to access the Windows account from home and query the print contingent, you can use putty to establish a remote connection and enter the command lpquota.

Here's how to build a SSH (Secure Shell) connection to lxhalle with Putty: After logging in, you can enter the command lpquota in the puTTY prompt.
Beispiel (für Benutzer 'nobody'):
  nobody@lxhalle:~ $ lpquota

= Abfrage des Druckerquotas für 'nobody' =

  Gedruckt (xerhalle1) :       180 Seiten
  Gedruckt (xerhalle1) :       120 Seiten
  Gedruckt (Summe) :       300 Seiten
  Guthaben :       200 Seiten

After the successful completion of a print job, the user will be sent an e-mail to in.tum e-mail address, with the billing data of the order.

If the order can not be executed due to lack of authorization or due to an exhausted page quota, the user will also be informed by e-mail.


Pages are counted by the printers and quota system. In duplex mode (default), the count of the pages per sheet is increased by 2, even if one side of the sheet is printed. To print a single document so that only one page is counted you should select simplex mode (see below). The banner page that precedes each print job, and usually does not * include the Number of printout pages*.

please print PDF-Files with Document Viewer on Linux

Available printers

you can find more information about Xerox printing Here

The printed pages can be picked up directly from the printers in the small computer hall (directly behind the transition from the large to the small computer hall, left behind the door). If the print-out is not in the printer, it has either already been placed in the shelf (shelf is on the left side of the left printer, or someone has removed your print-out and all other sheets from the printer. Please check if there are any other non-owned print-outs in your stack and please put the foreign print-outs in the bookshelf.

As soon as the Print-out has been printed out or has failed, an e-mail will be sent to the user@ address.

Printing using different programs

Printing with Document Viewer (Linux):

the first clues to the error can already be found here

The print menu can be called up with File → Print (Alternativ: Strg+P).

*First setting:

When your printing for the first time, some default settings need to be changed, otherwise the printers will not be able to print your received job. These are the settings for page size and Paper Scource. Since the printers are loaded with A3 and A4 size paper, error messages sometimes occur if the job was not sent in either format. And since the paper size is clearly linked to the paper source, the default value "Tray 1 " (A3) is not always correct. It should be configured as follows:


* Adjust color:

If you want to print in color, you should not click on Color, but on Advanced. "Automatic" means colored here.


* Send a print job:

As already mentioned in the point Available printers, check that xerhalle is selected before sending your Print job. In this step, you should also select the number of copies that you need.



By any Problem ,you should check whether an e-mail about the printing process has been sent to the mailbox. . If the print job fails, you will receive a mail with the similar subject * Print order: 'ASDFx' (Job ID 42) FAILED *. In the email you will find more information about why your printing process did not work. If successful, you should get an email like this:

Betreff: Druckauftrag: 'ASDFx' (Job-ID 42) wurde erfolgreich gedruckt
Dear user,

your print job

        A9ROdqbW1A (Job-ID 217121)

has been printed successfully on printer xerhalle1 (Xerox WC 7835 (farbig, doppelseitig)).
You can fetch your printout at

        00.07.023 (kleine Rechnerhalle).

Yours sincerely,
    Rechnerbetriebsgruppe (RBG)

I clicked on print, but the printer just does not print!

Case 1 - Is there enough quota?

just enter in Terminal (in the Computer hall under Applications → Accessories → Terminal)
and check how many pages are available. The output is similar to this:
|===== Abfrage des Druckerquotas fuer 'user' =====|

  Gedruckt (xerhalle1):                253 Seiten
  Gedruckt (xerhalle2):                226 Seiten
  Gedruckt (Summe):                    479 Seiten

Often, problems are occured when you dont have enough quota left to print a document. This must then be purchased again from the student council.

Case 2 - I have enough quota - but no expression

Has the server xerhalle been selected? In some cases, the printer has not been selected, it has been mislaid, or another printer specified, which is located in a completely different location.

Is printing directly from Firefox? In this case, it often helps to select "Print to file … " in Firefox and create a PDF file. This can then usually be printed easily.

Case 3 - I chose xerhalle and quota - but no expression

Just have a look at our helpdesk (small computer hall at the back). It may be necessary to refill paper or it is a different error condition that needs to be resolved by the printers.

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