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FollowMe setup

The current article explains how to set up FollowMe via detailed instructions for operating systems MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Setup on MacOS

1. Access Xerox' website and download the required driver. In this example: built-in controller (always selected), macOS 10.13 - High Sierra, English.


2. Run the downloaded driver and install it. Click twice on "Continue" upon being presented with the "Print Queue Not Created" window.


3. The "Printers & Scanners" settings should then be opened (Apple menu => System preferences => Printers & Scanners). Here you can add a new printer by clicking on the "+" symbol.


4. In the "IP" tab following settings should be applied:
  • Address:
  • Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP
  • Queue: printers/followme
  • Name: arbitrary
  • Location: arbitrary
  • Use: choose "Xerox WorkCentre 7835" and confirm with "OK"


5. Select the configured printer (in this example "Followme print") and choose "Options & Supplies".


6. Apply following settings in the "Options" tab:
  • Paper Trays: 5 Trays (High Capacity Tandem Trays)
  • Finisher: Professional Finisher
  • Hole Punch Module: 2 and 4 Hole Punch Unit
  • LAN Fax Module: Not Installed
  • Job Storage Module: Installed
  • LAN Fax Email Confirmation: Not Installed


7.Finally, open ucentral and activate the printer in the "Xerox-Printing" tab. You'll then be able to use FollowMe.

Remark: If you are connected via WLAN, the page should remain open while printing. Additionally, you'll have to activate the printer next time again.


Setup on Windows

1. The RBG provides a modified driver for FollowMe configuration on Windows. Its usage is at your own risk. Download link

2. Launch the downloaded installation program. (Xerox-WC78XX-TUM-Driver-1.4.exe)

3. Pick "followme" and, if you'd like to use direct printing, a printer in your proximity.


4. Acknowledge the subsequent message by clicking on "Install this driver software anyway".


5. Select "Yes" in the setup pop-up.


6. A browser window of ucentral is then opened. Please log in with your RBG account and corresponding password.


7. Click "Xerox-Printing" on the left side and then "Diesen Drucker zum Drucken freischalten"

Remark: If you are connected via WLAN, the page should remain open while printing. Additionally, you'll have to activate the printer next time again.


Setup on Linux

First, you should download the x2UNIV.ppd driver file (right click on the link => "Save as". In order to install it, you need root privileges, e.g. using the "sudo" command. After that you can locally configure the printer under the name "followme" using the following commands:
  1. sudo lpadmin -E -p followme -v ipps:// -P x2UNIV.ppd -D "Xerox-Followme" -L "TUM"
  2. sudo cupsenable followme
  3. sudo cupsaccept followme
  4. Log in to ucentral and activate your printer under "Xerox-Printing"

The answers to the following questions can be found in our knowledge base, which can be reached only through the MWN (Uni) network. In order to open the website, you can establish a connection to the network via AnyConnect.

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